Day 1

Live one day at a time.

Day 2

All is not lost. Take time each day to count your blessings.

Day 3

Remember, God does NOT make junk!

Day 4

Remember, it’s good to unload your “dirt bag” every day.

Day 5

I am a work in progress; God is not finished with me.

Day 6

“No man is an island to himself.” – John Donne

Day 7

Solutions begin at the ground level.

Day 8

I am very often my own worst enemy.

Day 9

Some people will never forgive you…

Day 10

Forgiveness is not earned or deserved; it comes to us as God’s gift.

Day 11

Grace can be defined as God’s riches at Christ’s expense.

Day 12

When you lie flat on your back, the only place to look is up – to God!

Day 13

I do not want God as my co-pilot but, rather, as my pilot.

Day 14

Always carry a spoon with you…

Day 15

Name it, claim it, and then move on.

Day 16

Prayer is like an 800 number to God with no waiting.

Day 17

Each one of us is a unique creation fashioned by God himself.

Day 18

When praying, remember the JOY principle.

Day 19

God made heaven big enough to include even the people who “rub us the wrong way.”

Day 20

All sins are forgivable, even the sin of addiction.

Day 21

Faith can be defined as clinging to God’s promises…

Day 22

Need a shoulder to lean on?

Day 23

Remember, there are no strings attached!

Day 24

Confession is good for the soul.

Day 25

The “Hound of Heaven.”

Day 26

Lord, you take my hand and lead me.

Day 27

We are not keepers of an aquarium; we are fishers of men.

Day 28

My faith is made stronger as God leads me to deal with my problems.

Day 29

It takes only a few muscles to smile.

Day 30

A clenched fist results in added tension; an open hand results in relaxation.

Day 31

A hospital for sinners.